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DKS Report

●Chemistry Provides a Solution - Creating Value
◇DKS' Identity◇DKS' Raison D'etre and Vision for 2030◇Value Creation Process of the DKS Group◇Explanation of the Value Creation Process◇Risks and Opportunities◇Material Issues

●Continuous Value Creation
◇Message from the CEO◇Philosophy in Practice—The History of DKS Business Development◇Review of the Medium-Term Management Plans◇Overview of the Medium-Term Management Plan "FELIZ 115"◇Financial/Capital Strategies and Total Shareholder Return◇Financial and Nonfinancial Highlights

●Value Creation with a Long-Term View
◇Message from the President◇Research and Development◇Human Resource Management◇Consideration for the Environment◇Initiatives to Tackle Climate Change◇DX Efforts◇Contributing to a Collaborative Society

●To Continue Creating Value
◇Organizational Resilience◇Discussion with Outside Directors◇Stakeholder Engagement◇Dialogue with Stakeholders (Specific Examples)◇Board of Directors, Audit & Supervisory Board Members, and Executive Officers

●Initiatives by Business
◇Business Activities Report

●Data Section
◇Proprietary Technologies of DKS◇Fundamental Knowledge of Surfactants◇Glossary◇Domestic/Overseas Network◇Financial and Nonfinancial 11-Year Summary◇Consolidated Financial Statements◇Environmental Data/Compliance Awareness Survey Results◇Corporate Data/On Publishing the DKS Report 2023/Editor's Note

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