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This website is operated by DKS. Please be aware of the following terms of use when using the DKS website.


  1. Copyrights for DKS website and all material appearing on it, including text, photos, video, music, audio and other copyrighted materials (referred to collectively below as "content") belong to DKS, the original authors or other right-holders.
  2. Aside from printing or storage for personal use, or other uses recognized by copyright law, it is forbidden by the Copyright Act to reproduce, publicly transmit, modify or remove content, or post content on a customer's website, without the authorization of DKS, the original author or other right-holders. Please contact DKS and obtain authorization before using any content in any of the above ways. DKS may not allow use of content if it contains likenesses, or copyrighted materials or trademarks of third parties, or if DKS deems the use to be inappropriate.


  1. DKS makes no guarantees whatsoever regarding the accuracy, utility or certainty of content, or of other information provided on the DKS website (referred to collectively below as "content etc."). DKS will bear no responsibility whatsoever in the unlikely event that damages are incurred due to the use of content etc.
  2. DKS may change or discontinue, without prior notice, the website composition, use conditions, URL and content etc.
  3. DKS may stop or suspend operation of the DKS website without prior notice.

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Applicable Laws and Court of Jurisdiction

  1. Unless otherwise specified, Japanese law shall apply to use of the DKS website, and to interpretation of these terms of use.
  2. Unless otherwise specified, the Kyoto District Court of Japan shall be the court of jurisdiction for the first trial in all disputes relating to the DKS website.