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Q&A about Investor Relations

When was DKS first listed on the Stock Exchange Market?
In 1949, in three markets i.e. Kyoto, Tokyo and Osaka. Presently listed on the Tokyo Exchange Market Part I.
What is DKS's securities code?
DKS's securities code at Tokyo Exchange market is 4461.
What is the fiscal period?
From April 1 to March 31.
What is the minimum transaction unit of stocks?
100 stocks.
When is the shareholders meeting?
General shareholders meeting is held in late June every year.
Do you have a management briefing event?
We hold a regular management briefing for shareholders in early July in Tokyo.
What is the dividend record date?
September 30 and March 31 every year.
When is the dividend paid?
Interim dividends are paid around early December, and the year-end dividends are paid after closing the general shareholders meeting in June.
What is DKS's dividend policy?
Maintaining long-term stable distribution of dividends to shareholders based on the best balance of dividend payment and internal reserves necessary for future business development.
Where can I obtain DKS's financial information?
Timely disclosures, summaries of financial results, financial reports, quarterly reports and shareholders notes are available in PDF files from the IR information and/or IR library
When is the establishment of DKS?
In 1909, in a barn of Ouno Kungyokudo, the founders started manufacturing of a cocoon unwinding agent. They started production & sales for the textile industry, and in 1918 Dai-ichi Kogyo Seiyaku (DKS) was born. 
What is the amount of capital investment?
Please see the Corporate Data.
What is the number of employeers?
Please see the Corporate Data.
Please describe the business of DKS.
DKS business is categorized in the following 5 segments. For more information, please see Products
 ・Surfactant business
 ・Amenity materials business
 ・Polyurethane business
 ・Functional materials business
 ・ Electronic device materials business
 ・Life sciences business
What are DKS's company credo and mottoes?
<DKS Credo> Contributing to the nation and the society through industry
<DKS Mottoes> Quality First, Cost Reduction, R&D Efforts
What is DKS's principle of corporate governance?
What is DKS's principle of corporate governance?
One of DKS's most important management targets is to pursue higher governance to establish socially reliable management basis and operate the business in transparent and fair manners based on the corporate social responsiblity (CSR). For more information, please see DKS Report.
What is DKS's current management plan?
DKS is now implementing a 5-year management plan "FELIZ 115" since April 2020. For more information, , please see Management Plan.
What subsidiaries, branches and offices does DKS have in and out of Japan?
For operation bases and subsidiaries, please see Network.