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Shareholder’s Returns (Dividends / Shareholder benefits)

Basic Policy on Shareholder Dividends

DKS believes that strengthening our business’s resilience by improving productivity, developing new products and creating new businesses and improving company performance over the long terms is the most important management priority.
Based on such philosophy, we maintain a basic policy on dividends of maintaining long-term and stable dividends for shareholders while keeping a reasonable level of internal reserves that we deem is necessary for future business development.

Shareholder Dividends

Shareholder Dividends (Yen)
Interim Dividends Year-end Dividends Total Payout Ratio
FY2022(Forecast) 40.00 40.00 80.00 -
FY2021 35.00 45.00 80.00 32.7%
FY2020 35.00 35.00 70.00 27.8%
FY2019 35.00 35.00 70.00 35.3%
FY2018   70.00 70.00 27.5%

Introduction of our Shareholder Benefits

Since 2019, we have introduced a shareholder benefit program in showing our gratitude to our shareholders for their ongoing support and to encourage a medium- to long term hold of our shares by increasing the attractiveness of investing in our Group.

Eligibility for Shareholder Benefit

Shareholders who hold 100 shares or more of the Company stock as of March 31st of each year.

Distribution Schedule

Scheduled to be shipped starting early July.
(Please note that the date and time of delivery cannot be specified.)

Content of Shareholder Benefits
Shareholder benefit gifts Number of shares held
100 or more but less than 1,000 1,000 or more
(20 tablets for 5 days)
Japanese Oolong-tea
(4 packs)
(60 pills for 30 days)
Special benefit coupons for shareholders
(Life Science related products)
    TENCHUKASOU is a renewed product of our health food, I. Japonica-Bombyx Fungus supplement. The conventional product was in the shape of a capsule, but we improved it to an easy-to-swallow tablet.
    Japanese oolong-tea

    Japanese Oolong-tea for casual enjoyment of TENCHUKASOU.
  • Sudachin
    Sudachin is a supplement that contains sudachin, a type of polyphenol extracted and refined from sudachi peels which supports health promotion. It is sold by our Group company, Ikeda Yakusou Co. Ltd.

*Packages of gifts may change.

● Shareholder benefit gifts will be delivered to the address registered in the shareholder’s list. ● Please note that the date and time of delivery cannot be specified. ● Personal information of shareholders are strictly protected and managed based on laws and regulations, and DKS’ Privacy Policy.

*Please note that the contents of shareholder benefits may change in the future.