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Compliance has been and will remain to be an important and necessary concept to pursue to build and improve a socially reliable management basis and conduct a transparent and fair business activities based on the corporate social responsibility.
While the top management regularly announces its importance, we created Compliance Control Committee in 2004 and are carrying out educational training and developing relevant regulations to establish the internal compliance system and promote permeation.
DKS's policies and attitudes are stipulated and announced in Code of Corporate Ethics and in Declaration of Action by Officers and Employees.

Fundamental Policies

  • July 2004: Code of Corporate Ethics is established and DKS's ethical goals are clearly expressed.
  • January 2006: Declaration of Action by Officers and Employees is established to specify action policies for the officers and employees to put the Code of Corporate Ethics into practice and secure its effectiveness.
  • April 2005: Personal Information Protection Policies are established to control all personal information.
  • October 1st 2020: Code of Corporate Ethics and Declaration of Action by Officers and Employees are revised.

Actitivies for actions and permeation

  • In 2006, Whistle-Blowing Hotline is established via which employees can directly consult about or whistle-blow a non-compliant acts by any means such as telephone, email and post mail.
  • We regularly conduct Compliance Assessment per department to check the degree of permeation of the concept and for awareness enhancement.
  • In/after 2004, we conduct a compliance awareness survey once a year.
  • In/after 2010, October is the Corporate Ethics Month when we conduct various events and educational activities to enhance awareness of compliance.